We’re Anna and Vitaly Podoliak, born and raised in the cold climate of Siberia. Our love for capturing beautiful, touching, and powerful love stories is what brought us to LA, but before we talk about that, we’d like to tell you our story.


We met in Prague at the age of 16 just as two regular travelers who had no idea that we were from the same city. Something definitely clicked because we began dating once we got back to our hometown. A year later, we even attended university together.

While pursuing our Bachelor of Arts degrees, we took an interest in visual art. Anna had attended painting classes as a child and got interested in photography while Vitaly’s interest was drawn towards filming, having been influenced by playing music. After graduation, we both worked in the fashion industry.

A few years and friends' weddings later, we finally found our passion in wedding visuals, which combined all the things we loved: beauty, true emotions and stories that evoke raw feelings. Our style of wedding photography and videography is a modern and sophisticated fine-art for authentic and self-confident couples.

We prioritize real emotions and unrepeatable moments while also paying careful attention to the finer details of the wedding day. We draw inspiration from classic fine art wedding visuals, edgy fashion editorials, journalism, 50'60'70's vintage romantic pictures, and modern cinematography. Besides this, the love stories of our couples never fail to inspire us. 

We’re both 30 years old and currently live in LA, where we’re happy parents to 2 fur kids – 2 cats. We brought 1 of our cats to LA all the way from our hometown and found the other on the streets of DTLA.
We’re calm and pensive people in real life, but see us at a shoot, and you'll find us smiling, fully energized and radiant. We love and admire what we do, the benefits of which get translated into our work.