Honestly, look no further than Purity Weddings for your wedding photographer and videographer. Anna and Vitaly are a dream team! They both have such a keen eye to capture the story of a moment in the most creative and elegant way possible. None of the weird posing or gimmicky Pinterest photos. Every photo is absolutely genuine. Purity Weddings provide such incredible value, not just in their packages, but in what they bring to the table with their creativity and vision. Every photo captures a cherished memory that I absolutely adore NOW and know I will adore for the rest of my life. Also, sidenote, Anna and Vitaly are the sweetest person ever, and some much fun to hang out with during the shoots. I'm honored these two were the ones to capture my special day.



As a bride, picking a wedding photography and videography is the same as saying yes to my dress. When I was looking for my wedding photography videography online, Anna and Vitaly's work immediately caught my eyes, their work and the ability to capture the interaction between each couple has motivated me to contact them on regardless of some of my concerns (how long they have been in state, reserving online, trusting anyone who I never met before...etc). I could say the minute after I got the engagement photos and videos, I am speechless. The chemistry between me and my husband is captured in every photo way better than I've ever imagined the photos could be. After my big day, as promised by them, I got all the videos and photos, all organized for big prints and small website showing for me to show my love ones how beautifully these moments were captured. The videos were edited with creativity and love, and I get to post different Instagram clips that was made by them 1 mins, 5 mins, and the whole wedding. Their talent touches us and our guests. Moreover, the true reason I would love to write a review about them is that their customer service is beyond doubt. They were like a friend very thoughtful and respond promptly. Their companies are very delightful and very helpful as when I ask them for day of insurance, inspirations, and all the double checks, they were on top of it and very resourceful. If you haven't decided who to be your wedding photographer and videographer, please check them out and be ready to be amazed by their talents!



I loved every single picture from our wedding. I love colors and all the moments that are so real so us. There is nothing fake and all these memories we have created is thanks to Purity weddings team. They are invisible and they are everywhere. They capture every essential moment that you need to remember. Love you. Great team.



They are willing to work with your ideas and are willing to go miles for it, literally. Our engagement shoot was in February at Big Bear. And our wedding day was early August and it was a long day from LA to Anaheim to Costa Mesa to Huntington Beach. Every bride is different in what they care about most and I just say mine was photos and video. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted for most things but I knew for photos and video, what I didn’t want. I saw randomly came across Purity Weddings on wedding wire. I looked through their portfolio and website and messaged them right away. I love the contemporary, organic feel of their work. And their prices for what you get is another huge plus. I couldn’t find anything even comparable and I did a lot of browsing lol We got all of our wedding photos and videos already and it’s always a roller coaster of emotions



We love their work! It was beyond what we had expected it to turn out. You can tell that they took their time to make sure the pictures and photos come out beautifully and flawlessly. They were flexible with our scheduling, attentive to what we wanted, and put their own artistic spin to the end product. They were punctual, and stayed with us throughout the day. Our wedding was 12 hours long with the all the traditions that we had to carry out, and they accommodated without hesitation. We are so grateful that they care. Their work definitely has soul because they care. We love our pictures (engagement and wedding) and the videos. We will be recommending Purity to everyone we know. We hope that their work can be recognized and featured, because they deserve it all. Thank you Anna and Vitaly!



We just got married on May 5th and used Purity Weddings for our photography and videography. When visiting their website you'll see that they have beautiful style- exactly what I was looking for. I wasn't expecting much for the getting ready photos either and they came into our hotel, took the decorations I had up and made everything SO cute, and then took photos and video of every detail of my dress, shoes, and even got some emotional pictures of the family. These turned out to be some of the best pictures of the whole day! On top of all this they seriously thought everything through.  Anna and Vitaly are AMAZING. They brought all their top notch equipment including lights that they used all night for perfect photo and video lighting. You wouldn't have been able to see my bridal party give their speeches without those lights! I can't believe how hard they worked to make sure they got it all perfectly documented.


My husband and I are just received our photos and video and it brought me to tears. Your wedding day is a day full of emotion so once it passes it passes, but Purity Weddings captured the emotion, festivities and vibes! Looking at the photos was truly like we were reliving the moment. They were professional and creative. Our wedding planner, who works with many photographers, fell in love with their team. Finding a photographer/video can be daunting, but take it from one bride that searched websites, upon websites and portfolios of family friends... I have full confidence Purity Weddings will deliver top quality work!


It was an absolute pleasure working with Purity Weddings team. They were very professional, arrived on time, helped with posing, very easy to work with. The wedding day is a very stressful day, and I am so grateful that I did not have to worry about the pictures at all, because the team came to the house where I was getting ready, looked around, found the perfect location for taking the pictures of the dress, accessories, while I had my hair and make up done, then of my bridesmaids and myself. During the ceremony and reception, they made sure to capture every precious moment. I and my husband could not be happier with the results- amazing pictures as if from the famous wedding magazines, and the wedding film that makes everybody tear up with joy everytime we watch it, and we’ve watched it million times already. I will definitely choose Purity Weddings for our future occasions.



When we saw Purity online and had seen their style of work I immediately fell in love and booked them on the spot. From day one they’ve been so great as far as getting back to you with, to being so understanding on your wedding vision. Both of their styles in Photo & Video is so professionally done and anyone who gets to work with them will not disappoint. They’ve listened to all my inputs and made it into reality. My Husband and I were more than pleased on the outcome of our wedding photos as well as video. I knew I trusted the right people to make our day so memorable. Thank you Purity! You guys are the best!


Anna at Purity Weddings is amazing, and her work is incredible. She's extremely easy to work with and very professional. 
Vitaly did an absolutely amazing job capturing our wedding on video. 
After the wedding, your pictures are all you have, and we're so glad we made our photo/video a priority in our wedding budget. 
They have a beautiful, artistic style that captures the authentic mood of the event and the dynamic of the couple, and they never made us feel uncomfortable. 
The footage was beautiful, and they really focused on all the little details to give you the true feel of our wedding. 
We are in love with the result! 
Would recommend to anyone!


Nick and I are eternally grateful to Anna and Vitalii for their incredible work! Not only did we get our pictures and video quickly -- they are breathtaking AND they came in this amazing wooden box; the presentation is just so special! We viewed a ton of photographers' portfolios and when we got to Purity Weddings it just clicked, we found our team! As you can see by the pictures, we did not have a traditional wedding. However, Anna and Vitalii made it work and more than that, their photography made it amazing. We give Purity Weddings our wholehearted recommendation.


I found Purity Weddings on Wedding Wire, and I am so happy that we have found them. After we spoke with Anna and Vitaly, we decided that we want to work with them on our wedding. They offered few different packages, we chose the premium package that included, video, photography and engagement session. Price is fair and totally worth it! They are professional, talented, fun and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera during the photoshoot. We are so happy with the results of their work. They captured all the wonderful moments and the video editing work is absolutely amazing! They sent us very beautiful gift box and inside was a flash drive with all the pictures and videos, as well as some printed pictures. We absolutely loved working with Purity Weddings!